Monday, April 2, 2012

Eventful Weekend

This weekend Mike went to Dallas to pick up our new car and my mom and stepdad came to visit us again and help with some more nursery decorating.  On Friday we took Mike to the airport and he flew to Dallas.  My dad lives there and he does inventory for a car dealership down there so he found us a really good deal on a Nissan Rogue, so Mike went to pick it up.

Meanwhile, Elijah and I waited for my mom and stepdad to arrive.  They got here Friday afternoon and we went to pick up some paint and other stuff from Lowes.  (My stepdad is handy and, though I love him, Mike is not, so when my stepdad comes to visit I usually have a zillion things for him to fix.)  Saturday we began working on the stencil border for the new nursery while my mom watched Elijah.  It has two layers.  The first was the frame of the car and the wheels.

I actually did most of the painting on this part of the stencil.  Here is me in all my whale-like glory to prove it.

After this part was done, Elijah went down for nap and we took a break from painting so that it could dry and my mom and I went shopping for baby things.  We went to JoAnns and I got material to make curtains for the nursery and letters to put baby #2's name up in the room.  My mom got us a new high chair for baby #2 and also a swing for our backyard that is mostly for Elijah.  My stepdad hooked it up to our tree but Sunday Mike tried to push Elijah in it and one of the chains broke off the tree.  Fortunately, he managed to catch Elijah and he wasn't hurt but now I'm not really sure how to put it back up so that it won't break again.  But that's a problem for another time.  Back to the nursery.

After painting all morning my back was hurting severely.  I thought the afternoon break would allow me to recover but it did not.  And I didn't think I should push it.  So instead while Elijah and I went to church on Sunday, my mom and stepdad stayed at my house to finish the stencil.  The second layer added the windows, the center of the wheels, the road and the fenders.  Here is the completed look.

I'm very glad it got done this weekend because I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all the stuff I feel like still needs to get done in the nursery.  Most of it involves acquiring things like a toybox, a hamper, a diaper pail, etc.  But there are a few more decorating things that need to get done, like the curtains, which I plan to work on this week.  I got the material cut and some of the pinning done on Sunday while Elijah was napping and Mike was driving home from Dallas.

And, of course, when Mike did get home he brought with him our brand new Nissan Rogue!

So that was our weekend.  Some of the stress of preparing for the second baby is alleviated but there is still plenty left.  Time to go take a tums...

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