Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a morning!

So today was supposed to be nice outside and on the way home from the aquarium on Sunday (which I fully intend to blog about, I just need to get copies of the pictures Mike's mom took) I saw a park at 70th and Holmes that I thought looked a bit more smaller-kid-friendly so I thought we'd try it this morning.  Brilliant idea for a woman who weighs 9000 pounds and can barely walk up and down the 5 steps in her split-level home without feeling like she needs a shower and nap and a back rub, right?

First we got up and got moving kind of late.  Normally Sesame Street comes on at 9 and I let him watch it.  Today I was planning to skip it so we could head to the park and get back in time for lunch at 11 but since we were running late, Sesame Street got turned on and then I hated to stop it in the middle for him.  So instead I had another brilliant idea to pack a lunch and take it with us to the park.  So of course as I'm attempting to cut up fruit and stuff to take with us, Elijah is throwing all sorts of things around the kitchen making more mess for me to clean up.

Finally, the lunch is packed and I run upstairs to use the bathroom before we go since baby #2 likes to headbutt my bladder all the time.  Now, I must inform you of Elijah's latest escapade.  He likes to climb up in his booster seat and try to click the snaps that hold him in it, which is fine with me as long as he sits down to do it.  He does not always obey this rule.  So while I'm upstairs I suddenly hear a loud bang and he starts crying.  So I hurry to pull my pants up and run downstairs to find that he has tangled his foot in the seat snaps and is hanging over the side of the chair.  So I'm trying to unsnap it but his foot is right against the snap so it's making it impossible to get my fingers around it.  Just as I'm considering getting a pair of scissors and just cutting the stupid thing, it finally unsnaps and he is free.  Hugs and admonishments of "that's why Mommy tells you to sit down in the chair, not because she's trying to spoil your fun" followed, but of course by that time I'm insanely frazzled and wondering if the park is even worth all this.

We did finally make it to the park and had lots of fun.

 He was tentative about the slide at first.

I tried to get a picture of it, but this was the best I got.  When we first got there I touched the steps with my hand to make sure the sun hadn't made them too hot and I must have said "are the steps hot?" or something like that because Elijah began saying "hot!" and blowing on the steps.  Yes, that's right, I said blowing, you didn't read that wrong and it's not a typo.  The reason is when we give him food that is too hot, Mike blows on it to cool it off, so now he thinks everything that is "hot" needs to be blown on and any time you blow on something, it must be because it's hot.

Finally gave the slide a try and loved it!

A little after 11 we sat down to eat lunch.  One really nice thing about this park is that they have these little benches for the kiddos under the jungle gym thing.  And since I'm 3 feet tall, I was able to sit under there with him. (I'm not really 3 feet tall, I'm just short.)  So we sat in the shade and ate lunch.

After that we played some more and tried out the swings.  Elijah's still a bit tentative on the swings.  I'm not really sure why.  He likes it when he first gets in and then wants to get out pretty quickly.  Maybe it's because it's too passive for him to just sit there and be pushed.  He likes to move around a lot.

I was planning to stay until noon and then head back and put him down for nap, but after awhile he started getting a bit red in the face.  I put bug repellant lotion on him before we left but not sunscreen because when we drove by the park the other day, it looked like it was all in the shade.  Well not so today.  And I hadn't brought any sunscreen with us.  (I know, I should win mother of the year, eh?)  So once he started to look red, I decided we'd better go home before he got really burned.  I did remember to bring water for us to drink, though, so there's that at least.

It wasn't quite time for nap when we got back but finally naptime arrived and he's asleep and now I've taken a shower and blogged and I think it's time to go pass out on the couch for an hour.  Toodles.

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