Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Day at the Park

I've been looking for a park to take Elijah to now that the weather is a bit nicer.  There is a playground at the elementary school that is like literally 20 steps from my house, but there are no baby swings and the jungle gym is really designed for older kids (i.e. there are no easy up steps and the slides are really long and steep).  So I've been trying to find another one and so far my best find has been this little park at 69th and Ward Parkway.  So we went there today to check it out.

They had baby swings but Elijah doesn't quite get that he's supposed to sit towards the back of the swing so we only swing for a little while before he starts to protest.

They had a little toy on the jungle gym that allows you to play notes.  He had fun banging on them a bit.

There were some other kids there and when they stopped to have a snack, we decided to sit down and eat some goldfish, too.  I felt kind of bad because he was sitting over on the bench all by himself (except for me, of course).  It was just kind of sad that he was all alone while the other kids were playing together.  Of course, they were older so I don't know that he could have played with them much anyway.  But it makes me wish I could find a playgroup to take him to.  I have looked but so far haven't had much luck.

Anyway, we don't want to end on a sour note so I'll say that it was a pretty fun trip to the park.  He actually tried sliding down one of the smaller slides.  I didn't get any pictures of that because I had to help him a lot with it so I couldn't have my hands free to snap pictures.  I think he would have liked to stay longer but after an hour, his 900 pound mommy was completely worn out so we headed home.

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