Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whining About Mousey Things

So there's another damn mouse in my house (or possibly more). It freaking infuriates me b/c we paid Orkin so much $$ and I don't feel like they did ANYTHING!! And now the mice are back. I really want to go on every review site there is and give them a bad review. I'm usually pretty forgiving of bad service but I just thought they were totally worthless!!! But I digress.

Yesterday while I was out with Elijah in the stroller I was thinking "Hey, life is kind of good right now. Mike's job is good. Elijah is sleeping better. It's nice outside so I can finally start exercising and trying to lose some of my mom pooch and thunder thighs..." And then I hear a mouse scratching around in my kitchen last night while I'm sitting on the couch. And, of course, Mike's out of town (it seems like the mice always show up when he's gone). So I was all pissed like "gee, sorry I was so HAPPY!" And I know a mouse isn't that big of a deal but this has been an ongoing problem since we got this house and I am afraid it's never going to fully go away unless and until we move. And then I'll feel guilty about selling someone else a mouse house.

Anyway, Mike called another exterminator and they're coming tomorrow but that's another $200 I don't have just lying around, but Mike seems to think they're going to do a lot more than Orkin did and actually get rid of the mouse while they're here and find out where they're coming in and make sure they stay out from now on. I'm less hopeful. Mostly b/c I'm a giant cynic due to all the crap I feel like happens around here all the time.