Monday, April 16, 2012

More nursery progress

This weekend I went and got a bunch of the stuff that we needed for the nursery.  I would say it's 95% finished now.  It still has the guest bed in it and that will be gone eventually, but not until he starts sleeping through the night in his own room, which didn't really happen with Elijah until he was like 9 months old.  (I really hope it doesn't take that long the second time.)  At that point a lot of the furniture will get rearranged.  Also, I need to put some stuff up on the walls and finish the toybox, so I have a couple more projects in the works.  But we did get a lot done on it this weekend.

Toybox acquired and put together.  I need to find a way to put his name on the top of it.  I don't think I can paint on it.  I think the paint will flake or chip right off so I'm working on an idea to either make or buy sticky letters in some form.  It's still in planning mode.

 New hamper.

This is a picture frame we found at Buy Buy Baby.  Mike's mom bought it even though I told her she didn't need to.  She also bought us another diaper pail, which I didn't take an individual picture of because who is all that impressed by the diaper pail?  It's not a big decorative item but it was very necessary so it was helpful of her to buy it for us.

And I also found this cute nightlight at Buy Buy Baby.  I got most of the stuff I needed at Buy Buy Baby, but only spent $72 because I had coupons. BAM!

Another huge deal was getting the curtains finished and hung up.  I worked on them last week and got them made.  Since I put a muslin liner in them, they are really good at blocking out most of the light for naps.  However, I guess I mismeasured or something because they just barely cover the windows, rather than having any extra gather, like I meant for them to.  Oh well.  I'm not redoing it.  And, of course, I got Mike to hang them up Sunday evening at like 8 o'clock because it would be driving me nuts all week if they sat around for longer.  So pretty much the only thing I have left (other than completing the toybox) is wall art.  I do have a plan for that, though.

This wall is too long and bare so I'm going to have to find some wall art.  (Oh, and you can see the diaper pail. there in the far bottom right.)  I have a plan for an art project for this wall, but it will require another trip to the craft store and an afternoon working on it.  So I probably won't get to it next week.

I also think I need some stuff on this wall around the window.  On one side I will probably put that frame that Mike's mom bought us and on the other a small clock.

Now the wall above the crib is where I am putting the baby's name.  It will be the project I'm working on this week.  I did it in Elijah's room when he was born.  You need letters from the craft store and then you paint them whatever color(s) you want.  Then you need an electric drill.

If you're not a drill person, don't worry, you just need it to drill holes in the tops of the letters.

You need scissors and a lighter and string or twine.  (If you're having a girl you could use ribbon.)  I did Elijah's with twine but this time I'm using string because that's what I had in the drawer.  Obviously the scissors are to cut the string.  The lighter is to burn the ends of the string so they don't unravel.  (Obviously be VERY careful when you're doing the burning.)

Then you thread the string through the holes and hang it up on nails on the wall.  Here's what Elijah's looks like in his room.

So going to try to get that and the toybox finished this week.  Then I will just have my giant art project for next week.  And since I know what you're really interested in is the cute things Elijah has been doing, here's his latest thing.  He likes clicking his snaps on his high chair together and on the baby swing.

It requires a lot of concentration. ;)

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