Monday, April 9, 2012


So it's not my normal thing to talk about Easter bunnies and egg hunts.  Mostly because when I was a kid we didn't make a big deal about them.  I think my church had an egg hunt and I think we participated when we were kids but it was never the big Easter event.  From what I recall, Easter was always about the resurrection and we commemorated it by getting new clothes.  I'm not sure how that coincides with the resurrection but I liked getting an Easter dress.

Since I have a boy (soon to be boys) and he doesn't care what he wears (and probably never will given that he has his father's personality), I didn't see the point in getting him a fancy Easter outfit, at least not this year.  But we, of course, went to church and celebrated Jesus' resurrection since that's what Easter is really about.

Mike's family, though, does do Easter baskets and dyes eggs and talks about bunnies.  I suppose these things are harmless even though it's my natural inclination to recoil from them.  Moreover, I thought Easter baskets were supposed to have stuffed bunnies and eggs and maybe a bit of candy in them.  Mike's mom got Elijah a bubble-blowing lawn mower...

And a Thomas the Train ball...

To each his own, I suppose.

After that we did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  It wasn't much of a "hunt" per se.  It consisted of Mike tossing the eggs around the yard and me following Elijah with his Easter basket to allow him to pick the eggs up and drop them in.

(This is why I haven't done many belly shots of me this pregnancy.  I'm not just a belly, I'm a whole cow.)

And since there were goldfish in the eggs, we also got a snack once we figured out how to open the eggs.

Happy Easter!

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