Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mushroom Pork Chops

Okay, time to share a recipe that I like.  I can't take most of the credit for it because, as with most things I cook on a regular basis, it is an adaptation of some other recipe someone else recommended for me, in this case my mom and sister-in-law Marcie.  I have simply adapted it to make it easier on me because I'm lazy (a.k.a. hugely pregnant and chasing around a toddler).

It's a crock pot recipe, which I love because I can do them while Elijah's napping rather than having to try to cook while keeping an eye on him later in the day.  Also, pretty easy cleanup if your crock pot thing goes in the dishwasher.  And it only has 4 ingredients (aside from salt & pepper)--take that Claire Robinson!  Here we go...

a bag of frozen green beans (or if you're fancy you can use fresh)
about 5-6 medium gold potatoes
pork chops (I like the boneless kind)
a can of cream of mushroom soup

Clean & chop the potatoes into 1-inch cubes.  Dump green beans in the bottom & then potatoes on top of those.  Salt & pepper the veggies to taste (you can mix them up if you want, but I usually don't because, again, lazy).  Put pork chops on top.  Pour mushroom soup over the top of the pork chops.  Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours.

There you have it.  Pork chops have the yummy mushroom gravy taste and the veggies are all done up delicious.  Clean up is plates & the crock pot rinsed and tossed in the dishwasher.  Easy peeasy!

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