Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we visited the Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch with the grandparents in tow.  And I'm a dork mom so I made my kid wear his pumpkin Halloween costume.  Yes, he will hate me when he's 16-19 but there's really no way to avoid that, right?  So I'm taking advantage of being able to embarrass him while I can.

The first thing we did was go see the piggies.  Here they are...

And here's Mike holding Elijah up so he can see them...

There was a pig race but it got so loud when it started that Elijah started crying, so we didn't get to see who won.  Next we went to the baby animal barn.  There were baby pigs and chicks.  I couldn't get a good picture of the baby piggies because it was too dark but here are the chicks.

And here's Mike and Elijah checking out the newborn baby piggies.

There was also this huge boar pig hanging around outside.  Hi giant pig!

He was interested in the chickens in the coop, too.

Next we ate lunch.

And then we got to ride the train.  Actually it was just a regular golf-cart-like car with a bunch of cars attached to it.  Mike tried to ride with Elijah but...

Apparently it's made for smaller bottoms and legs.  So I rode with him instead.

My mom and stepdad were there so they got to hang out with the Little Man, too, which was loads of fun.

We were going to take the hayride out to get a pumpkin but Elijah was totally worn out.  If you need proof, here is what he looked like on the ride home.

Happy Fall Everyone!

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