Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cider Mill & Red Bridge Festival

So we had lots of fun this Saturday.  We went to a Cider Mill that's far south on Holmes Road.  It's called Dunn's Cider Mill.  We went last year but Elijah was so little then that I don't really think he remembers it, plus, he was asleep most of the time we were there.  But they have apple cider and these delicious apple doughnuts with all this cinnamon and sugar on them.  I am not a big fan of doughnuts usually but these are freaking delish!  Also, they make this yummy chicken salad sandwich.

We went to the Cider Mill for lunch and Mike's mom came with us.  Elijah got a grilled cheese sandwich, but it was slow in coming so we let him have his doughnut first.

After lunch we went to take some fun pictures around the Cider Mill.

He played with the pumpkins but we didn't buy one because we're going to to go to an actual pumpkin patch in a few weeks and we'll get a pumpkin then.  Anyway, Mike's mom was with us so she took some pictures of us as a family (try to ignore the kid in the background).

Cider Mill is fun every year.

After that we went home so Little Man could take a nap.  We live in an area of Kansas City called Red Bridge and there's a shopping center within walking distance.  Elijah and I go up there during the week often to go to the library or to Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop (no relation to Dunn's Cider Mill, as far as I know).  And they were having a festival thing today.  When Elijah got up from his nap we walked up to it.  It was mostly just tables set up from the different businesses at the shopping center.  There were also a couple of moonwalks but Elijah was too young to get on those.  But he did get to check out the police helicopter and the fire truck.

That's all.  Pretty fun Saturday.

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