Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Worries and Haircuts

So Elijah still isn't walking yet.  He can walk with assistance, but still hasn't taken a single unassisted step.  He also doesn't really talk.  He babbles a lot and occasionally says "Mama" or "Mom" like he knows what it means, but that's about it.  You would think he'd be doing one or the other by now.  Or at least I would think so.  And, of course, I don't expect him to be running marathons or speaking full sentences, but no words and no walking?  It makes me nervous.

One thing he is really good at is shapes.  He can put the shapes in the right holes in the shapes box his grandma got him.  This makes me nervous, though.  Why would he be so good at shapes and not be able to walk or talk?  I get crazy thoughts like autism going in my mind.  Do all moms worry like this or am I just crazy?

One reason I know the walking got put on hold is that he had a huge abrasion on his foot recently.  It's almost completely gone and I think it was just a bug bite or bites that went out of control.  I took him to the doctor because it looked like a burn but I knew he hadn't burned it.  Of course it was a Friday and she gave us antibiotics that he couldn't keep down--woke up from a nap covered in vomit.  Lovely.  And then they told me to try and give it to him again and he puked all over himself again.  Poor baby.  And then the next day they tell me to take him to the ER.  So we drive all the way up to Children's Mercy and pay a $350 copay we don't have and waste almost our entire Saturday for them to tell us to go home and watch it. SERIOUSLY?!?!

So now the foot is almost better and I feel like a moron for taking him to the doctor at all.  He's got two more bug bites on his arm that I think happened when we were out walking the other day so I bought a second Off sprayless repeller fan thing and put one on each side of his stroller.  If that doesn't keep the bugs away then I guess we'll just have to keep him inside until there's a good freeze or he's old enough that I can slather him with bug repellent.

Whew!  Enough of that junk.  Time for fun pictures of his first haircut!!  It was getting rather mullet-like so I finally broke down and took him to Shear Madness in Olathe.  (Thanks to the Eubanks for the recommendation.)  They do kiddo haircuts.

Here's the before picture.  See the long baby locks. *sigh*  But I'm getting tired of people thinking he's a girl.

This was his stylist Brandi.  She was great.  He wiggled and turned his head all around while she was cutting and she just kept going and kept it all straight.  See the fun little car he gets to sit in while she's cutting his hair?  The third of the three pictures above cracks me up-- "Um... what is she doing to me?"
Backyardigans keeps the focus for a little while.

We have to keep the lines of communication open for this relationship to work. ;)

It's getting shorter and less mullettey!
And now for the clippers, which I was sure he would not like and lo and behold, he did not.
Is she coming back with those things?

It was kind of downhill after the clippers.  Even though she wasn't using them anymore, she was just styling and cleaning it up, he was still upset.  But eventually he got over it and here is the end result.
Look at my sweet little man looking like a little boy instead of a baby!  Think I'll go cry now.

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