Monday, August 9, 2010

You're So Vain....

So I had my first postpartum visit with my actual doctor today.  She seemed very pleased with the way my incision is healing up, so that's good.  I just wish it would stop leaking fluid and that the soreness would go away.  She seemed to think it shouldn't be leaking after another week.  I really hope that's the case because it's getting annoying.  As for the soreness, supposedly after 6 weeks things start to get better, so I have about 4 more weeks before it should be relatively normal.  I'm sure that total recovery will be longer than that, but I'd just like to get to the point where I can act relatively like a normal person.

Specifically, I'd like to start exercising.  We have an elliptical machine, but my doctor said no exercising beyond walking until the 6 weeks is up.  And, of course, given that it is hotter than the friggin Sahara outside, I can't really go walking.  Even if I wanted to deal with the heat for a short walk around the block, I can't take Elijah out in this heat.  Perhaps if I find a local indoor walking track I can take a few walks on the weekends, but is that really even worth it?

However, on the up side, the combination of giving birth and breastfeeding has caused me to already lose 20 pounds from my third trimester weight.  In just the last week I lost approximately five pounds, most likely just due to stuff shrinking and the breastfeeding.  It makes me wonder why every woman doesn't breastfeed (assuming that you can).  Aside from the crazy amounts of benefits for your baby, it really does help you lose weight.  I mean, I haven't been exercising and it's not like I'm on a completely rabbit-food diet or anything.  I do need to try to eat a little better and that will probably help me lose quicker, too, but I'm very pleased with how the breastfeeding is helping.

This probably sounds like I'm completely vain and obsessed with my weight.  That's really not the case, although I do think I look hideously fat when I look in a full-length mirror.  It's more just a money thing.  I don't want to spend money on new clothes and right now I basically only fit into sweats and nursing tanks.  My maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are obviously too small.  It's like my incision.  I don't really care that much what it looks like.  It's in a place that only Mike and I (and possibly medical personnel) are ever going to see it.  But I would like it to heal faster so that I can go back to being normal.

On a completely unrelated note--but still an amusing one--today when I was in my doctor's visit, Mike was outside watching Elijah.  And Elijah wet his diaper, which Mike had not put high enough up on his bottom and not tightened enough.  So Mike ended up with pee on his work slacks.  Fortunately, they're machine washable.  And even though it kind of was Mike's fault for not putting the diaper on properly, I still felt bad for him standing out in the waiting area looking like he wet his own pants.  "No, I swear--my kid did it!!"

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