Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awesome Things About NOT Being Pregnant

Here are some things I missed while I was prego that I can now do/enjoy again:

1. Wearing shoes other than flip flops or sandals - since I can now reach my feet
2. Clip my own toenails - also because of the ability to reach my feet
3. Wash my feet in the shower - another reaching the feet phenomenon
4. Lift my (almost) two year old
5. Get down on the floor and play with my son and then get back up without feeling like I just spent an hour lifting weights
6. Sleep on my back
7. Use fake sweetener in my tea
8. Take a walk around the block without feeling like I just ran a marathon
9. Diet - I know dieting isn't fun but when you're ballooning up and know you can't do anything about it other than accept it and balloon up more, you really start to miss your figure.  At least now I can work towards getting my figure back.
10. Use the bathroom like a normal person - I won't elaborate but any woman who is or has ever been pregnant will understand.
11. Bend over at the waist.
12. Not have to take forty pills to keep from being nauseated.

Of course, it's also nice to have my second child around, at least during the daytime hours when I'm not trying to sleep and he isn't wanting to nurse every five seconds.

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