Monday, February 6, 2012

What's Been Going On

Okay, so I have been a major slacker lately, not just in blogging but in about everything.  But of course, if I slack off in everything, blogging is included in that.  Part of the reason is because being pregnant SUCKS!  I mean, I love feeling baby kicks and I love the end result of the baby, but I feel tired and nauseated all the time.  That's right, I'm 22 weeks and still nauseated.  I was nauseous from week 6 until he came out of me with Elijah.  I was hoping this time I'd get to be like all the other women in the world and only be sick until second trimester but alas, no such luck.  So I'm just expecting to be popping zofran until this one is born, too.

On top of my being sick, Elijah has been ill off and on since before Christmas.  For awhile there he was coughing so much and waking up crying so much that it was like we were revisiting his old non-sleep days and I was about to rip my hair out.  Anyway, he's sleeping at night again, thankfully, but he's still coughing.  It's been going on since just after the first of the year and I'm really tired of it.  He doesn't seem like he has a cold and I don't think he has anything contagious, he just coughs all the effing time!  Part of me wants to insist that his pediatrician test him for asthma but what good would that do?  They can only give us inhaled steroids for that, right?  And we tried giving him that before and he fought so much that I don't think he really breathed anything in.  On the other hand, since we haven't had a real freeze this year, maybe it's allergy-related.  And it's not like he can't breathe, he just coughs all the time.  So I'm really not sure what to do about that.

But in the spirit of getting back to blogging, I have decided to run through a quick update of what's been going on lately.  So first of all, all the sickness, but now onto things that are way more fun.  January 25th was my niece's first birthday so Elijah and I went to OKC for her party and stayed for the week.  Here are some cute pictures from said party.

 Kiddos playing with bubbles.

 Elijah checking out the presents.

 Elijah & Cousin Addi playing with her drum.

 Addi looking inquisitive about the presents.

 Addi opening presents.

Addi devouring birthday cake.

In other news, since we are having another baby in June, and since Elijah got an overabundance of toys for Christmas and we're running out of room for all toys, I bought something to keep the toys in the living room organized.  This was needed due to lack of storage space for toys and also simply because we need to start keeping the toys and doing most of our playing downstairs since once the new baby comes, we won't be able to be upstairs playing if new baby is sleeping.  And since I am mildly OCD about keeping things clutter-free, I got really excited about having this in my house.

It was on sale for $40 at Target.  And I had to put it together and buy the cloth drawer things separate, but still I think it was a good deal.  I was planning to go looking at thrift stores for something I could repaint or something but I think after all the looking around and refurbishing it would be worth the $40 I spent at Target.  Fortunately there is still plenty of room for new toys so we can add more as the kids get more toys (which I am certain they will).

Finally the biggest news of all came today at the doctor's office when we had my sonogram and discovered we are having another little boy!  The sonogram technician got a shot right between his little legs and even I could tell there was a little peepers poking out between them.  So we get to reuse all of Elijah's old clothes and I now get to start decorating the guest room to convert it into another nursery.  I will definitely take pictures and blog about that as it occurs.  (At least I plan to.)

Then I felt like a rock star because I managed to get my scanner working so I was able to scan the sonogram pictures we have.  I know it may not seem like much, but this scanner is a pain in the heiney every time I have to install it or reinstall (which I have had to do several times) and this time I had to search for drivers online and then download them and then find the hardware manager thing and tell it to update the drivers and then get the software working and then actually uninstall the scanner and reinstall it... Anyway, it was a job and now it's done and working.  So I'm pleased.  But no one cares about that except me, what you really want to see are the sonogram pictures.

 He was trying to suck his fingers a lot.

Here's the naughty bits picture.  It may not be as obvious here but you could really tell those are his legs and his little man part poking out between them when we saw it in the doctor's office.

Another profile shot.

Okay, I better get to making dinner.  I will try not to take so long between blogs from now on.

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  1. Hi Bonnie!
    Thanks for sharing the sonogram pictures. I love the flashing shots as you know you're having a boy! ;) It is wonderful being able to reuse clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Blaise had a cough that hung around a while at the beginning of our semi-winter. Have you tried a humidifier?
    We are so excited for you, Mike, & Elijah!