Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Been Too Long

So it's been awhile since I blogged and I thought I'd just share some info and pictures this time.  First, Elijah was doing that reverse army crawl for like months.  Then one day he figures out how to do the hands and knees crawl and go forward and the next day he's all over my house and I can't keep up with him.

Then the next week after he felt like he had a solid hold on the speed-crawling, he moved to pulling up on the furniture, but only to his knees--testing the waters.

We did this for about a week and now we're doing this:

Don't know if you can tell, but that's all the way up on his feet.  Sorry the picture's a bit fuzzy.  It was taken with my cell phone.

This is what Elijah thinks of your attempts to suppress his crawling prowess.  Also, he has taken to throwing everything on the ground.  Apparently he thinks of Mommy as a golden retriever.

This is him helping Mommy go to the grocery store.  It is like walking around in a friggin oven out there. UGH!  I hate the heat.  I much prefer the cold.  Anywho...  Elijah also wants to inform you all that if you have no toys or are tired of the toys you do have, the trash is a perfectly acceptable alternative.  Observe:

Our recycle bin was overflowing.  Don't judge me! ;)

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